6 Podcasts You Should Definitely Be Listening To

I am a podcast fanatic. I only found podcasts a few years ago, but I have had an unquenchable thirst ever since. I don’t particularly like audiobooks, but the episodic nature of podcasts really appeals to me. I’m a very extroverted person and I truly love being around people. During the last few months, while I’ve been unable to get out very much, these podcasts have really filled the void! It’s not the same, but it helps me avoid talking to myself (too much). But what constantly surprises me is how few people listen to them! I am constantly trying to convince my friends and family about wonderful podcasts. Now it’s your turn!

1. Criminal by Phoebe Judge – This wonderful podcast gives a new meaning to the term ‘true crime’. Over the course of each episode, a story unfolds that doesn’t simply look at a crime, but the many factors that impact crime – history, anthropology, sociology, political climate and more. From stories about Venus Flytrap crime rings to seemingly simple stories of identity theft, prepare for the unexpected.

2. Stuff You Should Know by Josh Clarke & Chuck Bryant – This award winning podcast has been running for 9 years and is consistently ranked in the ‘top 10’ iTunes charts. As the name would imply, this series covers just about everything! In the years they have been running, they have covered topics including ‘How empathy works’ to epigenetics, to animal rights and much more. As an ex-southern belle from Georgia, I think their southern accents are an added bonus. I’m really hoping they do an episode on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome soon *hint, hint*

Josh & Chuck from Stuff You Should Know

3. S-Town from Serial & This American Life – This new podcast was only released a couple of weeks ago. After starting it mid-morning, I ended up staying awake until 4am to finish this emotional story. A glimpse into the seemingly ordinary life of John B. McLemore – a horologist in small town Alabama, sick of the activities and attitudes of local townspeople. He reached out to an investigative reporter, who rather surprisingly, accepted the invitation and so began Shit Town.

4. Sword & Scale from Mike Boudet – WARNING: This podcast won’t be suitable for everyone. This is a true crime podcast in the realist sense of the term. They often play the actual emergency response phone calls, police investigation audio and recordings from actual crimes. This can make for harrowing listening. Although it can be difficult to listen at times, the host’s ability to masterfully unstitch these difficult stories makes it one of my favourite podcasts.

5. Missing Richard Simmons by Dan Taberski – I grew up with Richard Simmons regularly on TV, making appearances and being his flamboyant self. Now I would never have called myself a Richard Simmons fan, but I found this podcast gripping! Richard’s disappearance from what was a life devoted almost entirely to his fans is baffling. Why did he take this sudden exit from life? Was it by choice? Is he even still alive? Dan Taberski sets out to answer it all.

6. No Such Thing as a Fish by QI Elves – Last but certainly not least! QI has been one of my favourite shows for years (I am lucky enough to have tickets to a recording next week actually!), so I was thrilled when this podcast came along. The chemistry between these four is fantastic – From only 4 facts each episode, they easily manage 30-45 minutes of riffing and witty banter. This weekly podcast often has me laughing out loud, so I previously had to start listening at home to avoid funny looks!

Dan, James, Anna & Andrew

I hope that some of these have piqued your interest and you may go have a listen! If you find any you like or think I have missed some incredible podcasts, comment below. It would be great to hear some of your favourites, plus I’m always on the hunt for new series to get hooked on!

Lily x


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