I Spoke To Guardian About Disability Benefit Cuts

A little while ago I began speaking with the Guadian about the difficulties I was facing due to the government cuts to PIP. Along with my journey, I learned that the benefits system is set up like a house of cards; If you don’t get PIP, you are locked out of other benefits like income support and universal credit. But with the surge in DWP decisions being overturned (some quote as high as 70% of decisions are being overturned) it’s leaving disabled students, like me, unable to access the support needed to continue our education.

Read here: Disabled Students fear for their future as independence payments cut

Unfortunately for me, the decision came too late and I had to withdraw from university. I hope to return again in the not distant future, but for now, I’m hopeful that sharing my story will be a step in the direction of change. Please share the link if you can – disabled students, present and future, need this to go far and wide.

Lily x


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