Disabled and Cute || Anatomy of a Hashtag

Over the last week a hashtag with a difference has been making the rounds. It was started by Keah Brown, an accomplished writer, who wanted people with disabilities to ‘celebrate’ themselves. Within a few days, it had spread far and wide! From some super cute kids to some seriously hot mamas, everyone was getting involved.



From some super cute kids to some seriously hot mamas, everyone was getting involved. In only 48 hours, almost 700 tweets were shared and reached millions of people worldwide. An incredibly powerful movement started with three words.


Unfortunately, the discussion wasn’t all positive. The creator was attacked by some people and phrases like ‘inspiration porn’ were thrown around. The negativity had impact and the hashtag lost momentum and rather fizzled out. I personally found it very difficult to see a movement that not only raising awareness of the huge spectrum of cute people in this world AND their range of disabilities, be quashed by a small vocal minority. I have to wonder; What is so wrong with people feeling good about themselves?

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.34.56.png

As someone who is still still coming to terms with a ‘visible’ disability being a part of my life, this hashtag has been really empowering. I’ll admit it – I’m still a big chicken when it comes to photographs of my and my crutch. I have always asked people not to take photos of me – or delete them if they have – when I have my stick. But this amazing hashtag reminds all of us that being cute and being disabled are not mutually exclusive.

Lily x


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